A Communication Job Description

Image from http://www.unitrade.co.za

Image from http://www.unitrade.co.za

It’s tough finding job descriptions for many social media positions. These positions are so new and often quickly changing that keeping up with what this position entails is difficult.

The following job descriptions were compiled for 3 very important positions in my organization, which so happens to be a Christian church. The positions are for a manager of social media, content & copy creator and service optimization manager.

Using for Hired Staff

Many organizations will never be able to afford to hire all three of these positions. Each is written as a separate description so you can see what I have defined as the most valuable characteristics needed for the respective position. Analyze your your needs and feel free to combine these job descriptions to accommodate the hire you need to make.

Using for Volunteer Staff

Each of these positions were written as descriptions for what I call high-capacity volunteers in my church. Though they are for volunteers, they would be identical to what I would need in a hired person.

It seems easy to find volunteers to fold, stuff and do occasional data entry. I decided to begin defining what needs from our church volunteers. Often, I hesitate to do that because what I really need is more employees and after all, who wants to work for free. A conversation with Tim Peters who is a great encouragement to guys like me (lone rangers in an ever complicated communication world) helped me to define what I needed, let my church know and then wait and see who God provides.

Feel free to view, download, copy, whatever can be of help to you. These are even good resources to glean from if your church is looking to hire a communications pastor or director.

If you have a similar position and would like to share a link to your job description, please do so in the comments field.

Creative Content and Copy
Social Media Manager
Services Optimization Manager

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  1. Jenn Rizzo Collins
    Jenn Rizzo Collins says:

    Hey Dave, you shared this link w/ me on Flickr. Just a question – I love these “job” descriptions first of all – but how do you get volunteers to come to meetings and do one-on-ones with you if they also have real-life jobs? Or do you use college students? Just trying to think through how I would be able to ask a volunteer to give so much time when they have a life too? Thanks for your insights! 🙂

    • Dave Shrein
      Dave Shrein says:

      Hi Jenn, just saw your comment come through. I just had a conversation with Tim Briggs about this very same thing… We did a Google Hangout and I shared my approach to landing the volunteers you’re talking about… I could elaborate here, but would you be up for a google hangout sometime in the next week or so?

      • Jenn Rizzo Collins
        Jenn Rizzo Collins says:

        If you’re free tomorrow I would love that except I do nothing on Google +…could we maybe Skype? If not tomorrow, just let me know, yes I would be up for it! 🙂

        • Dave Shrein
          Dave Shrein says:

          Does Wednesday work? I am spending today with the fam 🙂 Skype is fine they took away the ability to do screen share so I moved over to Google Hangouts cause it’s all free there… but skype is fine for just video use.

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