6 Church Website Ideas to Immediately Improve Your Site


I know the frustration of being trapped inside a bad web design or a bad web framework. The key is not complaining about what you don’t have but rather, optimizing what you do have.

I know it sounds simple and cliché and truthfully, it is simple and cliché. If you invest $40,000 on a custom website, but you don’t have the content that people are looking for, frankly, you’ve wasted a lot of money.

How to Immediately Improve Your Website

Church Marketing Sucks recently ran a story asking the question, “Do church websites still suck?” It’s all part of their 10-year anniversary where they are asking the larger question if church marketing overall still sucks (which is besides by point).

In the article, the author shared some of the biggest ways you can immediately improve your website. From that article, I want to share six church website ideas you can examine and implement to improve your site immediately.

  • Make your location/s easier to find – Make sure your address is on your home page, preferably in the header but the footer works too.
  • Make your hours or times available on the homepage – Get this in the header or footer and you’ll be fine.
  • Include clear details about your organization – Why do you exist? Make sure you’ve answer the question, “what would the community be missing if we closed our doors?”
  • Keep all information current – Outdated information communicates things like, “we don’t care,” or, “our organization is a graveyard.”
  • Update the photography you use – Recruit or hire a professional photographer to take REAL pictures of your organization. Here is how I make my pictures “professional” with minimal effort.
  • Immediately install Google Analytics – You cannot make decisions about your online presence without analytics.

I know that’s just a small list of church website ideas. As a matter of fact, there are many more items the author suggestions and you can read the article in its entirety here.

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