5 Ways to Improve Your Sunday Program

Here are 5 ways you can improve your Sunday program.

  1. Make your program visitor centered. Focus on making the visitor feel welcome and invite them into the story that God is writing through your church. Assume your visitors know nothing and use the program to help them feel a bit more at home.
  2. Stop communicating Everything. This is hard to do, especially when other staff are used to high exposure outlets. Giving your top tier events the same exposure as your bottom tier does nothing but lower the messaging and importance of your top tier. Discover more appropriate ways to announce that bake sale or that small group class.
  3. Use real photos. People love seeing real photos. Real photos communicate real story. Real story is inviting (dare I say, inspirational). Invest in a decent camera and begin taking photos at all your events. Catalog your best photos to use in future programs. The results will be stunning.
  4. Communicate using less words. Would you ever hand someone a text book as they walk into your Sunday service? Nope. Then why hand them a program filled with nothing but text? Stop using so many words. Use your program as a way to draw attention to mission, not explain every detail.
  5. Cast your church’s vision. Cast your church’s vision over and over. If you have values established for your church, be intentional to incorporate those values into your program. Values are to be experienced and the program is an opportunity for members and visitors alike to experience your church’s primary values.
  6. These are a few “low hanging fruit” ways to improve the effectiveness of your Sunday program.

    What else might you add to the list?