4 Ways to Communicate More Effectively

In many parts of the world when in a conversation the burden of comprehension is placed on the listener. It is the responsibility of the listener to understand the communicator. In other parts of the world the burden of comprehension is placed on the communicator. A communicator must ensure that he/she communicates so that those listening understand.

Though I would argue in America that we largely place the comprehension burden on the communicator, many high capacity leaders have a tendency to place this burden on their listeners. For leaders in the church we must communicate in such a way so that others can understand us and are then moved to respond.

Failure to communicate so that others can understand results in a frustrated staff and a lost congregation.

Steps to Better Comprehension

  • Establish a common vocabulary in your environment and give it clear definition. One way of doing this might be to gather a small group of key leaders and identify a collection of organizational values (no more than 6).
  • Give clarity and definition to your organizations mission. Make sure your mission statement is unique to your organization. If someone had to match 6 mission statements to 6 churches is yours unique to your community or could it be confused with a different community.
  • Identify common phrases or words that are used and define those phrases.
  • Leak your vocabulary every chance you get. Never get tired of using the language that articulates your values, mission and culture.

The above has proven to be very helpful in many organizations and serve as a roadmap to better communication in all your organization does.

You May Need to Lead Up

If you’re reading this blog chances are you will need buy in from those whom you report to. If you don’t have any of the aforementioned take it upon yourself to open up dialogue with your boss. Share some of the benefits and how it will make his job easier and render better results.

I will be monitoring this post so if you have a scenario you’d like to share below, I’d be more than happy to weigh in and help form some conversation points.

Anything to help.