Woman on computer using Facebook for business

Facebook for Business – How to Increase Your Organic Reach

Facebook for business is a whole different world when compared to using Facebook for pleasure. Rather than sharing pictures or thoughts with friends and family who love you and are interested in you, you battle to have your content even seen by others on Facebook – much less actually gain engagement.

In this post you’ll discover how Facebook reach works in concept and how to steadily increase your organic reach over time along with several tips that you can implement immediately.

Creating a Custom Branded Short URL Featured Image

Custom Short URL – Creating Your Own Branded Short URL

URL shorteners take ugly links and make them short and pretty. You’ve seen bit.ly, goo.gl, buff.ly and other popular URL shorteners and you’ve probably seen individuals on social media using short URLs branded for them.

This step-by-step post will demonstrate how you can setup your very own custom short url for the cost of one domain address. When you’re done you will have the same powerful brand tool representing every post you share online just like the big bloggers and major tech companies use for themselves.