Shortcomings of Edgar and Thoughts on CoSchedule

In this conversation between myself and Ryan Bilello we talk about several social media scheduling tools including Edgar, Buffer and CoSchedule. Discover the functionality, benefits and shortcomings of Edgar and how it compares to Buffer. Our conversation also dives into CoSchedule, which is a WordPress plugin with corresponding monthly service for scheduling social media, analytic curation as well as other features.

The Two Higest Value Online Video Recording Tools for Entrepreneurs

You want to start a podcast and need to figure out how to record the conversation. Or, maybe you’re beginning to conduct client calls over the internet and want to record the entire call to use for reference later. Maybe you’re launching a training course and you want to record the initial training calls to […]

Soundcloud for Online Entrepreneurs

Everything you do is content. Everything you create is primed to be transformed and consumed on multiple platforms in multiple forms and for multiple audiences.

No one who is live streaming should ever feel like they don’t have any content. On the contrary, there is much content just waiting to be extracted from one of the most valuable assets you are amassing… your live stream video files.