Charging What You Are Worth and Be Willing to Say No

The struggle you feel when confronted with landing your first client – it’s real. You’re not the only one battling through the, “I want to land the client but I also need to make money.” When you believe that this issue is unique to you it’s embarrassing to think that you’ve discounted your value, but what were you supposed to do? You needed income.

Your problem is not what you are charging. Your problem is your inability to say no.Click To Tweet

Not all value is monetary. Truthfully, there are situations where you will want to discount your rates to make certain you land the gig because you need the experience. You want to break into the restaurant marketing business so in effort to gain experience working with restaurants, you discount your monthly services so you can land that first store. No shame in that.

Your problem is not what you’re charging, your problem is not being willing to say no to opportunity.

In this Periscope replay we will cover the opportunity cost that exists with every client that comes your way. The temptation to lower your value to get a yes means that down the road you will be unable to say yes to a HIGH PAYING CLIENT because of your eagerness to land ANY CLIENT.

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Maximizing the Reach of Your Website Homepage and Visitor Response

Your website is often relegated from communication resource to dumping ground for information you think is important or content you are excited about. This problem arises when you do not contemplate what eyes are looking at your website.

Your website audience is different than your social media audience and your social media audience is different than your email audience. However, even identifying eyes is not enough. There is one more step you need to take into consideration.

When You Don’t Have Any Clients Yet

Unless you started your business with clients already in the can and ready to go you’re going to have to hit the pavement trying to make sales. Lack of movement is like kryptonite for an the entrepreneur. You and I, we thrive on results, action – getting our hands dirty and seeing something come from nothing.

Searching the Internet for your perfect domain name

My .com is Taken, What Should I Do for A Domain Name?

You sweat, labor and slave over trying to find the perfect business name and when you finally land on something you feel good about one look at Godaddy leaves you as frustrated as you were at the start. That domain name is not available. What do you do next? Can you use a different extension? Does it have to be a .com domain?

Here are a few things you need to be thinking about when it comes to your domain name for your business website.

The Enfold Theme for WordPress

You have big dreams for your website and yet your budget doesn’t match your dreams. While it is always best to work with a professional who understands how the web communicates in today’s world of B2B and B2C, you do have options even in the midst of lack of funds.

The Enfold Theme for WordPress by Kriesi provides web designers and novices alike with a beautiful set of tools to build a website that can quickly become the envy of peers. Watch me as I show you around the Enfold Theme along with what is possible using Enfolds Avia Advanced Layout Editor.

Why No One Talks About Email Marketing Anymore

It seemed like social media feeds were jam packed with messages singing the praises of email marketing not long ago. Online entrepreneurs had discovered digital gold and were teaching everyone else how to dig. All of the sudden it has dropped off and seems as if live streaming and other new tech has replaced what was once the hype of online marketing.