How to Master a New Social Media Network

You don’t want to look silly yet you really want to learn what it’s all about! That’s pretty much the feeling when a new social network or online trend surfaces. It’s how I felt thinking about getting on Meerkat and Periscope to begin streaming.

There’s only one way to get over it: here’s to the crazy ones!


You wondering what Meerkat is? You’re not alone. Ryan Bilello from has put together a quick article to help you understand what Meerkat is and how to use it.

The Live & Online Episode

The world of Sunday church is changing. In the past the spiritual, personal, professional and leisure portions of a person’s life were separated and very rarely did they interact with one another. This is no longer the case. Within someone’s phone the once separate sections of their lives converge and converge in a big way. No longer does the church have a monopoly on the spiritual portion of a person’s life but it now shares that attention with other, often more exciting portions of their lives. How will we break through? This is what we discuss in The Live & Online Episode of the Church Marketing Podcast.

How to Know If Your First Option Is Your Best Choice

You know how important it is to choose the right direction for the growth of your organization. However, you also know that the right direction but for the wrong reasons doesn’t help anything in the long run. In this post you’ll see how one obvious direction for a graphic design project ended up being the best decision – and how the owner of the business was confident spending a lot of money on a sign without having any regret.

Pursuing Your Dream While Working a 9-5 | Episode 011

Video not working? Watch on YouTube.

If the title doesn’t say it all. You know exactly what this is all about. You have passion or a dream that burns inside of you and yet the majority of your time is spent at your 9-5 building someone else’s business. It’s not that you begrudge their business (after all, it’s keeping food on the table and a roof over your head – and in some cases Apple products in your hands) but you know that you were meant for something different than the 9-5.

In this episode of #dactalk  (which stands for Dave and Community Talk) +Dave Shrein and +John Meese talk all about how to manage the fine art of pursuing your dream while working a 9-5.

How do you focus on your paying job while you’re clocked in yet give the necessary attention to your dream that is beating inside your heart?

How do you manage caring for your family and friends while using every spare moment outside of the 9-5 to build your dream?

How do you turn what you love doing into what generates meaningful and consistent income?

How do you build an audience to engage with along the journey?

If you’ve ever wondered, “is there a better way to make this happen?” then this is the episode for you. You’ll find community, hope and encouragement from two entrepreneurs who are living it right along side you.

How to Transition Your Pricing | Episode 010

Pricing your services is one of the top concerns a entrepreneur will encounter. You want to price your services high enough to display the value you bring but competitive enough so you can land business. However, you know there is more to this conversation than simple dollars and cents and that’s where this episode of #dactalk takes us. Simple shifts in your thinking can complete change the way you make decisions around pricing your services.

The Leadership & Volunteer Episode

You know that communications span way beyond the pixels on a computer screen or the ink that’s used on a print piece. The effectiveness of your communication is a sum of church mission, leadership vision, ministry events and details. In The Leadership & Volunteer Episode Deborah Ike takes us throughout the entire scope of church communications into the world of volunteers and utilizing volunteers within our communication departments.