The Quickest Way to Achieve Success | Episode 009

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We all want to know the secret to success. We look at what others are doing around us and wonder, “what is it that they’re doing because it seems to be working.” There is, in fact, a secret to success – though honestly it’s not as interesting as your typical secret.

In the world of building your brand and creating an online business there is one thing you must do if you want to achieve success at a significant pace and here it is: suck up your pride and learn from others.

You may see four or five others who are building their business and it seems like everything is just falling into place – so what is it that they’re doing that is bringing success? While it may not be a prescription for what you should do it may be a good description that you could adapt for yourself.

In this episode of #dactalk Dave Shrein and Meiko Seymour team up to talk about their most recent experiences of learning and share some of their favorite places to listen to the success and failures of others.

Your Biz and Tech Questions | 008

Starting an online business doesn’t have to be complicated. The biggest issue budding entrepreneurs run into is often a completely unnecessary issue: tech problems. When you’re starting an online business it is essential to be clear on what you want to do so you can identify exactly which services and products will help you launch successfully.

In this episode of #dactalk we talk all about the tech questions that haunt most entrepreneurs and how to overcome them. This is good stuff!

More Website Visitors, More Clients, More Sales

You are all but guaranteed to see more website visitors when you begin crafting your language for the audience you seek to attract. The more specific you become in who you want to draw to yourself the easier it will be to write in a way that they can’t help but read through every single word you write on your website. And you know what website visitors can translate into, right? Amazing customers who you can bring amazing value to.

Check out these questions to help you target your language directly to your target audience.

How to Advocate for Marketing and Communication Resources

Advocating for more resources, no matter what industry you’re in can be a tricky task. We have our own set of reasons for requesting resources and those who hold the purse strings have their own set of reasons for saying yes or no. There are things we can do to influence their decision either way.

I’m going to provide you with three need-to-knows when advocating for more resources.