The Communicating with Pastors Episode

The position of communication director (or communication pastor) is fairly new. While many large churches (5,000-plus) have had someone in this role for a long time, the average church is just now discovering the need for someone to ask strategic questions about how their information is being communicated and received. The increase in noise (both online and in life overall) has revealed that the messages from the church are not making it onto calendars, into conversations and/or translating into any type of measurable growth. In a scurry to keep up with the times, churches are hiring individuals to manage communications without a full understanding of what that even means.

Making Email Your Most Powerful Communication Tool

I love putting on webinars because it’s my opportunity to share (for free) everything that I’ve learned about any given topic. This next webinar on email campaigns is a HUGE one because I have literally put in over 18 months of study and learning into better executing email campaigns. My results have increased, my responses have increased and the amount of fun that I have creating email campaigns has increased.

Oh, I am so excited!!! You gotta click for more – and I hope you will.

The Awesome Communicator Episode 2

Listening to the successes and failures of others in your same area of responsibility is one of the best resources you have for improving your skills. In The Awesome Communicator Episode 2 we hear what’s working from two communicators in the trenches doing the hard work.

The Tip that Set Our Businesses On Fire | 007

This is the #dactalk I’ve been waiting for and the #dactalk I’ve wanted you to hear. Since Charissa Moore and I began #dactalk last year this has been the common theme in every episode.

The tip we talk about in this 007 episode is the single most important tip you will ever implement. It is what sets you a part from your competition. It’s why current and past clients have chosen to work with you and it is what will bring future clients and it has everything to do with you.

The Awesome Communicator Epsiode

The one thing I love more than talking about church communications: talking with church communicators. When I get the opportunity to talk with communicators and celebrate their wins and think through their challenges it fuels my soul. Church communicators are each experts at what they’re working on and when I get to speak with them I get the benefit of their best experiences. I grow as they share how they’ve grown.

The Awesome Communicator Episode is something that I’ve been looking forward to since I launched the Church Marketing Podcast in early 2014. It is real life conversations with two church communicators who are succeeding.

Online Marketing Entrepreneur

Brand You Podcast with Mike Kim

Starting Your Business: Bookkeeping for Small Businesses

When I started my business in January of 2014 I had a lot of unanswered questions regarding my bookkeeping and finances. In the fall I acquired the services of an accountant and while I should have sought professional bookkeeping from the get-go she was able to get my books setup for success.

I asked my accountant, Patty of Techeon Business Solutions, to answer 13 questions I had about bookkeeping for small businesses to share here with you. Her answers were pretty straight forward and incredibly helpful.