The Secret Ingredient to Church Communications

The Secret to Church Communication

Whoa, didn’t see this one coming!

I was honored and humbled to be asked by Brady Shearer to appear on his podcast, Pro Church Podcast to talk specifically to the topic of communications. We get into a lot of good stuff that every brand manager and digital strategy person needs to be aware of.

Brady puts together a great podcast and I was glad to be able to contribute to the arena!

Using Google Analytics to Help You Look Good

You and I understand the importance of online communication. We understand the connection between our website, social media and physical locations. Many senior leaders do not.

Take a moment to discover how to bring senior leaders into your world and help them understand the significance of what’s happening in your online presence and how it is impacting your brand.

The Social Media Episode

Darrel Girardier talking about social media in the church

The Social Media Episode of the Church Marketing Podcast is all about how organizations, including churches, should approach this new medium of social. Darrel Girardier is a Digital Strategy Director and has spent many years building systems and processes to effectively use social media for his organization but also maintained tight guidelines in order to ensure that an organization’s social media retains it’s most important trait: social.

No matter what industry you work in, you will be challenged by the questions Darrel poses as well as the answers he provides for each question. This is a must listen for every person who has any leadership over their organizations social media and communication strategy.