The Virtue of Self Care

At the peak of my “$60,000 of debt” season I felt trapped. Though you may not feel trapped by debt, it could be a job with benefits that you hate but are afraid to leave… it could be a relationship that you’ve invested years in but don’t want to marry the person and don’t want to break up with them either… it could be not addressing a relational issue that has arisen between you and a family member. Life has a way of making us feel as if we are between a rock and hard place.

No matter what you are trapped between… you have a responsibility that is absolutely, positively monumental. Here it is…

Hosting the Certification Lab

I am hosting the Certification Lab hangout on September 4, 2014. Certification Lab is all about equipping church communicators. One way they go about making that happen is through a 2-Day Intensive Certification Lab with several national church communicators. The Lab is an intense workshop designed specifically for those who are new to the role of a church communicator.

The Certification Lab Hangout is an opportunity to hear from the speakers and get a feel for the type of content and information you would hear at the Certification Lab.

I have tuned in for the two previous lab hangouts and I have found them to be incredibly helpful. Even if you’re not considering attending the Certification Lab, attend this free, virtual hangout!

We go live at 1pm PT, 4pm Eastern. You can watch the stream above!

For more information on the Certification Lab and registration information you can visit the event page here!

how leaders can serve others

Leaders Serve, Part 2


It was an exchange that lasted only a matter of seconds, but the impact has stuck with me ever since. After ordering a drink from a drive-thru, the lady who filled the cup with sweet tea and handed it to me had the biggest smile I had ever seen. In just those few seconds, I experienced a great amount of joy.