Business and Goals | Episode 001

Learn how Dave and Charissa approach setting goals for their business.

The first episode of my new live show, Dave and Charissa Talk, is all about covering the topic of setting goals for your business. Goals can be tough to establish, track and accomplish especially if you’re a small business. Our conversation is all about ways we approach goal setting and goal achieving. There is no “right way” that we prescribe but rather share our successes and failures in hopes of inspiring you to find the process that works for you!

Check out this first episode and let me know what you think!

Pro Church Podcast, Dave Shrein, Church communications

Pro Church Podcast with Brady Shearer

Measuring Your Website Traffic

I’ve wasted a lot of time and money trying to find something that was both visually appealing and analytically helpful. After searching around for the better part of 6 months, I’ve found several tools I can’t live without.

Life Virtues to Specific Responses |Qualities of a Leader


My two boys were sitting on the bed giggling. A million dollar moment, right? The younger one, Isaac, was watching his brother Isaiah move his hands when Isaac started to mimic his big brother. Isaiah got a little annoyed and pushed Isaac’s hands away.

I stepped in and said, “Isaiah, you have to show Isaac how to do things. He doesn’t know; he’s looking to you to show him how to act.”

Then it occurred to me, Isaiah doesn’t know much more than Isaac does. Yet Isaiah has the responsibility to set an example for his younger brother.

CertLab with Jenny Rain

Church Communication Director - Jenny Rain

I talk with Jenny Rain about her experience at the Certification Lab put on the by the Center for Church Communication. This two-day intensive training equips church communication leaders with education and real life experience in order to help them improve their organization communication and marketing strategies.

Jenny is awesome and so is the knowledge she drops! Check it out!

Should I upgrade my iPhone or can I upgrade my iPhone?

The Complete Guide to Upgrading Your Current iPhone

can I upgrade to an iPhones 6 and what's my current iPhone worth?

I love technology and though I don’t talk about it much on my blog, a few of my friends have ask me about upgrading their iPhones. I thought I’d put together the mother of all iPhone upgrade guides.

I go through all the points you should consider when upgrading from an iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5c and 5s. Happy upgrading!

The Church Website Episode

How to use Google Analytics for your Church Website
The Church Website Episode takes a unique approach to analyzing church websites. Instead of picking sites a part based upon their looks, we look at how the analytics of the site reveal its effectiveness. Often we relegate the “good site” title to only those with shiny outsides… but unless your website is helping you accomplish your goals, it’s just adding to the noise. Come take a look at how your church website can grow.

How Leaders Should Respond When Offended


Have you ever been annoyed or offended when, after years of no contact, an old friend calls asking for a big favor? Perfect, this post is for us.

– At the very end of this story I will reveal to you the two characteristics that will positively influence every interaction you will ever have… if you can embrace them. –