The Seat at the Table Episode

Church communication directors with Tim Peters

Tim Peters is a guest I’m thrilled to have on the Church Marketing Podcast. When I hit a wall in my church communication director days Tim was one of the people who believed in me, invested in me and helped equip me to lead my organization into the fray of church communications.

How to Get Senior Leadership Engaged on Social Media

If your senior leader does not find it easy or natural to engage in social media, do not try to change him or her. You won’t be able to and you’ll only cause yourself frustration in the process. However, if they do recognize the value of social media, the following tactic may work.

6 Sources for Free or Inexpensive Stock Photography

Here are 6 sources great for free or inexpensive quality stock photography that you can use for your blog, social media campaigns, print or even your website.

A Church Communication Update for Our Staff

After sending three church communication update emails, I’ve received 5 individual responses from staff members saying that they appreciate receiving the update and that it is really helpful to them.

Google URL Builder is free and powerful. This is a starting point on how to use the tool to take analytics to the next level

Google URL Builder – How to Use the Google Link Tool

Don’t be intimidated by Google URL Builder. Or maybe, perhaps you don’t even know what Google URL Builder is. Essentially, I’m going to show you how to get much better tracking statistics on where people are coming to your site from and what they are doing when they arrive.

Vintage Cameras

How to Take Photos and Make Them Look Professional

In all our communication I use real photos WHENEVER POSSIBLE. Stock photos are expensive and do not represent your organization accurately but taking real pictures can be tough because unless you’re a professional photographer, quality can suffer. I have discovered a way to avoid stock photos and bridge the gap between my photo skills and that of a photographer. It’s easier than you might think.

A Practical Way to Use a Communication Volunteer

We often have a hard time assimilating volunteers onto a church communication team for one of several reasons:

  1. They need to be present in the office in order to accomplish the task
  2. They need to have specialized skills to run particular softwares
  3. They need to have time to dedicate to thinking on a plain beyond checking off to-dos
  4. They need to possess a discernment that cannot be taught

There are more, but I’ve found my main issues tend to be related to one of these. However, there is one way I have chosen to incorporate my volunteers which saves me hours a month and is not simply filing or accomplishing menial tasks.

Watch the video for a practical way you can begin using volunteers in your church communication department.

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The Volunteer Episode

Church Communication Volunteers
If you’ve had questions about how to recruit and use communication volunteers in your church, this is the podcast episode for you! Phil Bowdle lends his voice and experiences from West Ridge Church in Georgia, sharing from what he has done well and not so well as it relates to volunteers. We also touch on the topic of maintaining healthy relationships between the communication department and the rest of the church staff.