What Can You Learn From This Epic Fall?

I’m not even going to attempt to pull out a life lesson from this video because there are too many to choose from.

Three Recordings Later

I did not expect any type of massive response to these audio conversations, however, unless you receive said response it is impossible to take a three week sample and gauge whether it is worth continuing to do. Here is what we have experienced so far.

Trying Out Audio Recordings for Communication

Not everyone consumes content the same way. For this very reason I’m turning to audio for help in boosting registration numbers for our middle school summer camp. I have orchestrated a series of conversations to share with through our communication channels.

Why You Must Love Your Audience


Good leaders love those in their care. If you don’t love them, it will show and they will know.

A New Vision for A Church E-Newsletter

I was recently watching a church social media webinar and one of the speakers got all over churches for not maximizing their email newsletter. My church is guilty of not maximizing every touch point we have with new subscribers.

The Big Idea Episode

your company's big idea with Justin Wise
I’ve been up to a lot lately, but the biggest project I’ve undertaken has been producing a podcast with the Center for Church Communications. The Church Marketing Podcast is a spin off of much of the content I write about here on my blog, but with an emphasis on marketing and communication – specifically for the church.