Increasing E-Newsletter CTR

My church does a weekly email newsletter and we currently have approximately 1530 subscribers. I oversee the content that goes out and have staff who prepare the content and handle proofing and sending. The email arrives in inboxes from me and admittedly I have not been as involved in the content creation as I should given that I am the sender.

How a Church Can Communicate Mother’s Day

There isn’t a whole lot my church needs to communicate about Mother’s Day. At least not as it pertains to “church information.” However, Mother’s Day is a secular culture event that is nation-wide, and in some cases, global-wide.

Leaking Mission Through A Sunday Program

For a mission statement to have any value beyond putting the letters of the alphabet to use, it must drip from every channel.

As of the beginning of April 2014, the mission had yet to be reflected in our monthly Sunday program.

Wannabe Leaders vs Real Leaders

The difference between wannabe leaders and real leaders
Often what separates wanna-be leaders from those who truly pursue becoming real-life influencers is self-discipline. Self-discipline is a very difficult virtue to master when developing into the lifestyle of a leader.

My Life’s Quote… For Now


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve referenced and shared this quote with others. During 2013 and 2014 I continue to quote an amazing concept that has been credited to several different individuals… personally, I don’t care who said it. It has been very helpful to me and I believe that it can be helpful to you, as well.