How to Get the Best Out of People

how to get the best out of people


We all know this as Aretha Franklin’s huge musical hit. What many may not know is that she isn’t the original artist. Aretha’s version was a cover. Otis Redding wrote and recorded “Respect” in 1965 but it wasn’t until Franklin’s version was released that the song became a hit. It was the power and authority that Aretha has become known for that catapulted this song, and her career, to new heights.

Respect is powerful and brings out qualities in others that might otherwise have been hidden, but respect  can also be manipulative. . One  might withhold respect as a way of gaining and maintaining control over another person.

Respect is a desire that dwells deep down inside every person. Even young children want respect. This is such an elusive virtue because it shows up in so many different ways. We won’t come out and ask for respect like Aretha, but that doesn’t mean we want it any less.

You Are Unique

You Are Unique, Permission to Lead

Consider this challenge. Take a moment to think of key words that you would use to describe yourself. Try to focus in on ideas that express what makes you unique… unlike any other.

It may take you more than a few moments to really give this task the attention it deserves, but I assure you the exercise is a healthy one.

Identifying your unique traits, those things which speak to who you really are, is an essential step toward making significant contributions to society. There are very real pressures to mimic that which has already been successful. If it isn’t a pressure we place on ourselves then it comes from an outside source – a parent, a boss or maybe a spouse. No matter what the source , it is altogether dangerous.

Failure to embrace uniqueness robs the world of contributions that cannot be made by another.

Sharing the Love – January 5th

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A Year of Determination


Weight. Job. Family. Money.

We all choose words that define what we hope to accomplish in the new year. Whether it is a formal “New Year’s Resolution” or a desire we contemplate internally, a new year provides a natural rhythm for personal growth.

My word for 2014 is determination. For me, an attitude of determination is what is necessary to fulfill all the roles I currently play in life.