Bebo Norman – Christmas… From the Realms of Glory

Such a powerful song combined with the beauty of the real Christmas story. Bebo Norman’s Christmas album is a favorite in our home and I would love to invite you to discover the power of not only his covers of traditional Christmas songs but also original creations.

You can preview his entire album after clicking the link just below…

Are You Destroying Your Influence?

How would you feel if I told you I voted for Barack Obama? What would you think of me if I said George W. Bush was one of the greatest presidents in history? Neither of these statements is true but you most likely had an immediate reaction. You quite possibly formed new opinions regarding what you thought of me.

Influence, like trust, takes a long time to build but mere moments to destroy. As a result, my actions are governed primarily by what will preserve and enhance what I’ve already been entrusted with. I don’t want anything to destroy my potential influence.

Christmas Resources


In the spirit of Christmas I’m giving away three images with two configurations each. You can use these for all sorts of purposes as Christmas approaches. Feel free to tweak them however you wish and share them with whomever you’d like… as long as you’re not selling them.

Learning From Those Who Love You


Can anyone resonate with the idea that leadership has been ingrained in them for as long as they remember? That you seem like you have always had the ability and the tools necessary to lead but sometimes you don’t? I completely fall into this category.

Growing up, certain things always came easy to me. I’m not sure if it was my reckless abandon or ADHD (or both) but I seemed pretty apt to be “the first” at things. I was the first to do the monkey bars, first to get 30 stitches in my left knee and first to realize not all girls had cooties (and all before pre-school was over). But just because I was THAT kid, it did not make me a leader.

And You Thought I Graduated

And You Thought I Graduated

Life is full of graduations – pre-school, kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, high school, college. Feel free to correct me if I missed one.

But I never graduated.

No matter how much success I achieve or how much value I bring to an organization, I am constantly faced with reminders that I never graduated.