A Confession of Sorts

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I have a confession to make…

Sharing the Love – December 13th

Yet another great streak of content from super generous tweeters… twitterers??? Either way, here’s what’s on tap!

  • Proven Anger Management Techniques
  • 7 Things Every Great Leader Should Do
  • This is What Forgiveness Looks Like
  • It’s Not Me, It’s You. Breaking Up with Spotify.
  • 7 Signs You are Not a Good Blogger

How to Make Me Fall in Love

It may come as no surprise to those who are regular followers of my Twitter or Facebook pages but I’m a big fan of Dutch Bros. Coffee. In my town of Ahwatukee, a suburb of Phoenix, there is currently no Dutch Bros. drive-thru, leaving me no option but to drive just over five miles to the closest location. It’s okay though. On the mornings I want my fix, I’m more than willing to make the trek. Five miles is nothing when you’re in love.

Treating people well and going above and beyond what they would ordinarily expect in a particular situation is how you get noticed. It’s how you allow your leadership to shine. It isn’t a manipulative attitude. You can fake true care. It is an attitude of the heart that says every person has value and that every person deserves respect.

Dave Barnes – Very Merry Christmas

I have a Christmas music recommendation that I think will blow your socks off! If you’re ready to listen to the album that is destined to become your family’s favorite December soundtrack look no further and click the links below. You will instantly be taken from a world of LMFAO and Lady Gaga to a place of respect and reverence for Christmas classics.

Dave Barnes, Very Merry Christmas:  iTunes Link | Amazon

God Saw Something I Didn’t See In Myself


When Did You Realize You Were a Leader?

It’s weird, I never in my life had I imagined myself as a leader. In high school it’s always about who you followed or associated with. It wasn’t until my senior year or shortly thereafter that I started to do my own thing. I saw a future for myself and what was ahead of me. I took charge of who I was and what I was meant to do. What God has planned for me to do.

I remember when I was first hired as an intern at Mountain Park Community Church. Dave (yes, Dave Shrein is my boss) led me through a series of practices that helped me discover what I really wanted to do. I was following Dave. That was the beginning of what was to become my role as leader.

Recruit, Train, Mobilize, Appreciate :: Tim Peters

an interview with tim peters

If you’ve never had the opportunity of connecting with Tim Peters, you’re missing out. Though I’ve only connected with Tim within this last year, the impact he has had on my life cannot be overstated. His blog, TimPeters.org has been one of my primary go-to places for encouragement, challenge, ideas and thought development.

This month Tim has released a very welcomed resource to the communications world: The Volunteer Mobilization Bundle. The greatest challenge I have experienced as a communications leader has been building a team of strong and professional volunteers. For three years I fought this battle alone. After one conversation with Tim in January of 2013, I hit the ground running and constructed my communications dream team. When I saw Tim had put together this bundle (from this blog post) I had to interview him and give him an opportunity to share why this bundle is so important!

Is Consistently Delivering a “Wow” Experience Important?

a wow experience

From the day it’s announced right up to the moment the red ribbon is cut there is a palpable anticipation in the air. You’ve been blown away time and time again and the thought of experiencing that euphoria is almost tickling. The moment you’ve been awaiting  is finally realized: you walk into Disneyland to be greeted by the  newest attraction inspired by a  Disney film. Everything you loved about the movie and all that you expect from Disney come together to provide an amazing “wow” moment.

Sharing the Love – December 6th

Yet another great streak of content from super generous tweeters… twitterers??? Either way, here’s what’s on tap!

  • Great Metrics Lie About Social Media
  • Are You Wasting Your Talent?
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