Need a Laughing Break?

Save this video for when all you need is a laughing break.

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Don’t Give In

Don’t compare yourself. Don’t you dare. It’s unfair to yourself and others around you. Seriously, stop. If you compare yourself with someone else you are robbing the world of the uniqueness God created inside of you. Okay, fine… if you must compare yourself… compare yourself to Jesus and aspire to be just like him. But […]

Dutch Bros. on October 8

I just can’t get enough of Dutch Bros. If you’re tired of my Dutch Bros. Posts, go visit one and then you’ll understand.

Dave Shrein – You’re Successful

“If something you’ve done is working, never feel like you need someone else’s approval before you can feel successful.” @daveshrein

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How to Increase Church Newsletter Subscribers


Email newsletters are something like 1000x more effective than any other type of digital marking. The mere fact that a user has opts in to receive direct marketing messages from you make email newsletters the ideal means of promotion.

While my church has had an email newsletter for many years we have failed to identify the real value that it brings to subscribers. As a result our newsletter subscriber rate has grown at a disproportionate rate to our overall church growth. We’ve fluctuated between 1400 and 1500 for the past 3 years.

Weekend Reading, v1

There’s only one thing I love more than writing: reading content that is thoughtfully constructed and beneficial to who I am and who I am becoming. Here are a few articles for your reading queue this weekend. Please check them out and leave a comment for the author. Comments go a long way to letting […]

Top posts from around Twitter

Sharing the Love – October 4

Here are some standout tweets from September and October on Twitter. A sincere thank you to all those generating and sharing this content. It takes a lot of hard work and discipline to keep producing and we, the community, are really blessed through this content. Cheers!

Sharing Success With Your Team

Our Social Media Communications Team just concluded a successful social media campaign. We invited our church members and the surrounding community to participate in upcoming personal growth workshops. These workshops provide the opportunity to become intentional in key areas of one’s life. For many they are an on-ramp into something other than a Sunday morning […]