You’ll Always Find Encouragement Here


During 2013 I’ve received several amazing emails of encouragement and affirmation from friends, family members, teammates and others. Two messages in particular, one from our senior pastor and one from a key volunteer, were especially meaningful. They were not only encouraging, but affirming of specific areas that I am passionate about and have demonstrated great strength in.

Though encouraging notes don’t find their way to me often, when I do receive them I put them where I can see them; Where I can be reminded that the work I do matters. They remind me to recognize that the impact God has in my life is impacting the lives of others. These notes affirm that I am leaning into God’s will for my life.

Dave Shrein – Productivity

“The greatest tools to increase productivity are those which actually work for you.” @daveshrein

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Building Irresistible Anticipation


The premise of the A&E show, Bad Ink, is two tattoo artists from Vegas find potential guests with terrible tattoos, make fun of them and then fix their tattoos. I don’t recommend the show simply because any redeeming value is negated by pretty much every other element of the show. However, they demonstrate one very powerful strategy that the church should take note of.

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Have You Met Pam Yet?


The best way to find out if what you’re doing is working along with why or why not is super complicated… actually it’s not. Just ask people who are from your church, community, organization… basically your fans. Ask them face to face what they like about your content and what they dislike. You will get first hand feedback of why what you’re doing is or is not effective.

3 Free Halloween Stock Photos

Halloween Stock Images

I’ve got 3 Halloween themed stock photos that I’m giving away for you to use however you’d like. The only stipulation is that you may not sell the images or claim them as your own creation. That said, use them for your organization, your blog, your website… pretty much anywhere you’d like!

Jon Acuff – Beginning and Middle

“Never compare your beginning to someone else’s middle.” @jonacuff

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Dave Shrein – Success & Failure

“Someone else’s success doesn’t equal out to your failure. Likewise, someone else’s failure doesn’t equal your success.” @daveshrein

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