Custom Search Engine – Swiftype

The most underused feature of a website is the internal search engine. The internal search engine puts all content of your site available within one click of the home page. Every time a user must click you lose significant traffic. By the third click you’ve lost nearly all your traffic. Optimizing your internal search engine […]

One Person with Two Identities

Over the last several years there has been the ever increasing gap between who we are in person and who we are online. It’s a dangerous predicament and it is illustrated no where more clearly than in the lives of teenagers. I work with the youth at my church and I absolutely love our students. […]

The Man In the Red Bandanna

The Man In the Red Bandanna by ESPN

Remembering 911

I graduated high school in May of 2001 and by September I was living away from home. I would return home on weekends to take care of my siblings and get them off to school on Monday while my parents would be away working. I was 19 years old. My routine was to get up […]

Exciting Shrein Family News

My baby boy Isaiah has some pretty exciting news….

Shrein baby number 2 will be arriving this February!

Matt Chandler If the People of God are varsity at anything it is driftying away from the heart of God."

Matt Chandler – Varsity Christians

“If the people of God are varsity at anything it is drifting away from the heart of God.” @mattchandler74

3 Reasons for a Professional Community

Many Church creatives work in environments where they are the only one of their kind. The rest of the staff doesn’t know what we people do. Being solo in our departments combined with no one understanding our role is a recipe for loneliness. Without a professional community the odds of frustration, hurt and burnout increase […]

Laugh With Your Team

Often I will enter a meeting with my team with some sort of ice breaker. Usually we think of ice breakers as tools to help get to know new people. I use ice breakers in my meeting because I am never really sure of what everyone is coming from, professionally or personally. Sometimes a laugh […]