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Sharing the Love – August 30

Here are some standout tweets from this month on Twitter. A sincere thank you to all those generating and sharing this content. It takes a lot of hard work and discipline to keep producing and we, the community, are really blessed through this content. Cheers! Top 10 ministry resources in August – — Steve […]

Question: Why Did this Post Go Viral (internally)?

UPDATED 2013-08-30 @ 2:45PM :: So… I’ve received some push back on the social media highway that this post “isn’t viral.” It’s true, it isn’t viral. I should have titled the post “Why Did this Post Get An Abnormally Large Amount of Comments?” So, for clarification, I still couldn’t figure out why this picture brought […]

We’re In a Series Called Hellastix

Do you know what a Hellastix is? Me neither. I made it up. And even if I didn’t that wouldn’t matter because the likelihood of someone knowing what some obscure word means is minimal. Go ahead and place that word in any foreign environment and who knows what the human brain would think it is. […]

Content That Gets Double-Digit “Likes” Every Time

I snapped this picture with our iPod Touch on August 25 and with a free iOS app (FrameUrLife), I added the lyrics to the song we were singing. A post like this at Mountain Park Community Church is guaranteed to get double-digit likes every time. The more likes, the wider the reach. The wider reach […]

“We don’t care who teaches the message as long as the message is being taught.”

Chris Brown – Teach the Message

“We don’t care who teaches the message as long as the message is being taught.” @_chris_brown

Confident Leadership vs Arrogant Leadership

At my church we have a value of being confident yet humble. The confident part is realizing that we know who Jesus is, we know why he was sent, we know what he offers and we trust that what he has said is true. The humble part is we don’t have it all figured out, […]

Top posts from around Twitter

Sharing the Love – August 23

There’s so much on Twitter that I want to share! If I shared everything than nothing would stand out. So, here are a few standout posts from the past weeks that are worth taking a look at!

Recruit Volunteers Who Want to Change the World

When recruiting volunteers it’s essential to tell them how their contributions will change the world. It’s not a fabrication in the least. Each role inside a church is huge and each role outside a church is huge. God can use the smallest of details to transform someone’s life in a large way. “For just as […]