2 Non-Negotiables of Church Communications

Playing the role of church communications director is tough. Leaders will make requests for promotion that doesn’t line up with the overall church mission and the communications director is left feeling like the “no” guy.

When in disagreement with others it is inevitable that relationships will encounter strain. Each person has a job to get done and while neither wants to steamroll the other, not everyone can have their way. This leaves either the communications director feeling run over or the person making the request feeling undervalued and unheard.

What You Must Preserve at All Costs

As we lead it is paramount that we remember that in life there are only two non-negotiables: the Word of God and our relationship with one another. Because of the the Word of God we have a foundation for respect, honor, decency and value for the other person. Because of our relationship with one another we can entertain discussion and conversation, compromise and consistency.

Always remember that we are leaders among equals. Each person we serve is created in the image of God. This demands that we preserve relationship with one another as best we can.

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