136 Rad Students – Why This Post Was Effective



You can post massive amounts of content on various social networks and receive very little, if any feedback. Truthfully, a lot of times content can be effective even if you don’t see the obvious signs of ROI. Very quickly I will breakdown why this post was effective content.

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Numerical Emphasis: People respond to content that is kid driven. In our Student Ministry we are experiencing our typical high numbers for the beginning of the year. By giving a specific number and placing it in the context of ‘one roof’ it makes for exciting content when coupled with a picture.


Relational Emphasis: Though you can’t make out faces, you can feel like it’s “your student” in the picture. It’s encouraging to see the adults with the students knowing that someone cares about your child and is giving their time to them. Also, it’s neat to see full tables.


Additional Relevance: After several years of transition in our Student Ministry we have rebuilt the reputation to that of a thriving group that makes an impact on school campuses as well as in the community. To see the genesis, if you will, of where it starts is inspiring for people.

Visitor Relevance: I am very intentional to post content of our students online to inform families that are unaware of a student program that it is indeed available. Though for us in the church we know there is a youth group at nearly every church, those who have not previously been connected to a church wouldn’t know this information and therefore assume nothing.

Yikes… I’m Always Missing Stuff!

Can you identify any other characteristics that make this a successful social media post? Does this inspire you to create content of your own? Please share in the comment section below and start the conversation.