Video for Business | Episode 16

In this episode I talk with Holly Gillen about how important it is to know the “why” behind your video broadcasts before you even get started. We dig deep into the 4 Pillars of Pre-Production, to give you practical tips and resources on how to make your videos successful.

More About This Episode

First things first, Holly discusses why spending most of your time in pre-production will make your videos excel. She recommends about 60% of your time and energy be spent thinking through the content and audience before you even hit the record button. You can have the best equipment available but if your content is not meaningful to your audience, they will stop following you.

Holly G Studios Get Started Video Challenge

Holly also offers advice on investing in your video broadcasting, and why you should always be working to improve. Although having the right equipment is important, there are ways you can get started now. We talk through how to get started with just $200, and how you can get by for less as long as there is quality content that people are interested in.

“If you’re going to charge people for what they see, you will always need to be investing in something, even if that’s just more knowledge for yourself.” @hollygstudios

She shares about the need to “learn, do, adjust and repeat.” Always working to improve, you should keep your focus on the “why” you are broadcasting, constantly evaluating and adjusting. And finally to relax, be kind to yourself and don’t compare or criticize yourself too hard. 99% of the people watching are doing so because they like you and want to see you succeed. So, be yourself.

Also in this Episode

  • 4 things that will make your videos successful
  • Why you must avoid the “compare despair”
  • What equipment to invest in
  • Why you shouldn’t stress over your first 100 broadcasts
  • And much more…

Final Advice: You are someone’s reason to smile, so don’t give up.  What you have to share is important and it will help someone else.  You will make a difference in someone’s life because you shared what you did in your video.

About Our Guest

Holly Gillen began her freelance career with video in 2008.  She is the complete cinematographer package with skills and experience in directing, producing, filming, and editing.  Holly has taken those skills and transferred them into an online course to improve your video skills and help you build your confidence as you go from “start to stardom.”

Holly G Studios Get Started Video Challenge