How to Transition Your Pricing | Episode 010

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You’ve been in that precarious position of asking the question, “how do I raise my prices without losing my clients?”

You started off looking for experience and rather than charging the prices your competitors were charging you undercut the competition to get the client and gain the reps. Over time you’ve added more clients yet you haven’t been able to transition those past relationships.

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In this episode of #dactalk  +Dave Shrein and +Mike Kim take time to discuss the art of transitioning your pricing. There are many subtle tactics you can employ in order to honor your faithful customers yet earn the money that accurately reflects that value you bring.

You don’t need to feel the need to choose between loyalty or getting paid what you’re worth: you can have both but it requires a lot of thought and a lot of relational equity. Dave and Mike will walk you through possible ways you can transition your pricing and feel good doing it.