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What makes someone an expert? When I asked one of my professional peers what makes an expert he replied, “sharp and narrow focus on one thing.” Absent from his response was anything about fame, notoriety or popularity. When we want to bring validity to our ventures we seek out the biggest names to lend their credibility in hopes that it will rub off and produce success.

My friend’s response forever altered my understanding of expertise which is why I am so excited to share this episode of the Church Marketing Podcast with you.

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Expert Church Communicators

There’s no denying that “big names” draw crowds but communicators in the trenches produce results. I’ve been privileged over 2014 to hear some of the amazing work that communicators from around the world have been responsible for. I’ve learned so much from hearing their challenges, celebrating their successes and talking through different concepts together and this episode is all about sharing that with the rest of the world.

You won’t recognize the names from the guests in this episode but their names don’t matter. What matters is what they’ve learned achieving success in 2014 and what each of us can learn from them.

You Are a Leader

This episode reflects my world view that everyone is a leader and we all have great value to contribute. While there are only two guests in this episode their success represents your success and the successes of everyone who gives their best to whatever they do.

Here’s to owning our expertise and sharing it with the world!

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