The Christmas Planning Episode

Christmas for Church communications

This content originally ran on Church Marketing Sucks.

Christmas is a double-edged sword for communicators. Christmas is established and there is already a narrative that church-goers are expecting to engage with. So how do you continue to re-ignite the excitement for Christmas not only in the hearts of the people but in the hearts of church staff? The key is in the approach.

Every church has a different process for planning out various seasons of ministry or series of messages, yet the central element that is vital to every process is the idea of the approach. The concept of the approach is two-fold. The approach refers to the process of planning your calendar as well as the process of deciding theme.

In The Christmas Planning Episode we examine the series planning strategy for one church in Texas and explore the elements of their process which are best practices for churches in general. We also identify how to manage the approach if you’re in an environment where planning and strategizing is not something that happens natural.