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This is the most important #dactalk yet.

Succeeding as an entrepreneur is not easy. It’s not quick. However, there is one thing that every entrepreneur must do in order to have any chance at success. You must find yourself right. You must resist the urge to find your worth and value in how you measure up against another person or another business.

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This is a challenge for anyone… much less someone who is putting their heart and soul and entire creative energy out on display for the world.

There is no handbook on how to be an entrepreneur. At this stage in my business everything is a first and I am figuring it out as I go. Finding myself right is all about having confidence to believe that I am talented and excellent in the things I am talented and excellent in, even in a new context.

When we introduce our expertise into a new context it is natural for us to second guess our decisions and downplay our expertise. We will surrender what makes us different and unique for the sake of satiating critics or in the name of common sense. Essentially we try to make dreaming safe but dreaming is dangerous.

Don’t Deny Yourself the One Thing That Sets You A Part and Sets Your Business on Fire: You

While every #dactalk inevitably comes around to the value and virtue of finding yourself right, this #dactalk is all about it. If you have doubts about your business, if you have doubts about your choices, if you have doubts about your talents, if you have doubts about your abilities… it’s okay, I do too.

This #dactalk is the vaccine for doubt. Inoculate yourself from the haters and from the “common sense police” and realize that if you are willing to work and cultivate your talent and passion, no one can hold you back. Succeeding as an entrepreneur is possible and you are one tip away from experiencing it.

Show Notes

Asset Identification

In the episode at minute marker 46:10 I mention the practice of Asset Identification as described by Jeff Walker in his Product Launch Formula course. Jeff describes this as “all about finding the assets you already have in your business.” Here are a few items Jeff helps students to identify as assets.

  • Social Media Accounts (YouTube, Facebook, etc.)
  • Relationships with other bloggers
  • Forums that you have  been a part of
  • Relationships with peers
  • Relationships with experts
  • Unfinished products that you can leverage

Essentially when in an asset identification mode you want to think of anything and everything that could benefit your business or platform your goals.

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  1. Soji Fagade
    Soji Fagade says:

    You wont believe this Dave, I was just reading another blog post i follow and the blogger had a real go at an artiste she perceived wasn’t being true to his calling and that the artiste (in this case, film director) had abandoned his core market in order to seek ‘glory’ with a perceived global audience. According to the blogger, this director effectively did what you advise against – he failed to resist the urge to find his worth and value in how he measured up against others (in this director’s case – ‘hollywood’)

    The challenge for creative folks, business people and in fact I daresay everyone is that in reality there is a fine line between confidence in who you are in Christ and how others see you or how you perceive to be how others see you.

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