The Media Essentials Episode

Media Essentials for Church Communicators

This content originally ran on Church Marketing Sucks.

There are a lot of online communities where really knowledgeable experts on church media gather and share ideas. Often these forums present ideas which can go over the heads of green media directors and/or volunteers. It’s important for ministry leaders to be a part of the communities which bring step by step, practical no non-sense media training to bring their church to a minimum level of media competency.

Though there are many different media elements churches can focus their energy to improve, there is one particular element where improvement not only is seen within that area, but it also impacts all the other media elements.

The Media Essentials Episode is a conversation about identifying the essential media elements that need to be present in a church. If a church wants to make an impression on the hearts and minds of visitors and members, there is a certain level of media competency that they should reach for. When you recognize that bar and strive to reach for it, everything in your church will be impacted.

Show Notes