The Creative Process | Episode 006

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For anyone who is creating any type of art (be it intellectual or physical) the creative process is sacred. It is this process that enables an artist to harness the inspiration and courage to produce their most excellent work. While there will never be a “right” creative process, there are certain truths and principles that we all must be aware of if we ever want to truly find our own creative process.

The episode of dactalk is all about this creative process. It was very interesting for me to hear Charissa’s process especially in light of my own. My process is very much influenced by my daily circumstances whereas Charissa’s process is much more intentional. Topics like this one produce descriptive ways of approaching the creative process and not descriptive ways.

It’s my firm belief that the most important part of the creative process has two facets: you feel good and you produce good work. If one of these is missing it might be a good idea to re-evaluate your current process.

I am continuing to refine my process and as you’ll hear in the conversation I don’t have a defined process, per se, however, I do know certain elements that work for me. I hope this will help inspire you to find what works for you!

Show Notes

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  1. Meiko Seymour
    Meiko Seymour says:

    Here’s what I needed to do this week to really maximize my creative process. I really needed to clean up my Asana! It became very messy and unorganized. It also didn’t reflect my passions. So whenever I went into it, I wanted to give up immediately because I only saw tasks vs seeing passions (I could go on and on with that). So now I feel like I am on my way! And I REALLY need to get Platform!

  2. Jason E. Norris
    Jason E. Norris says:

    I’d have to choose the John Williams version of the Superman soundtrack. Another great soundtrack is from Doctor Who. I especially like Murray Gold’s “I am the Doctor.”

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