Talk Smooth Systems for Businesses | Episode 004

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There is no one else who is more of an advocate than systems and automation in business than I am. However, I am a one man band entrepreneur and systems look massively different for me than they do for someone working with a team. This is precisely why I love doing the #dactalk with my friend, Charissa Moore. As a matter of fact, it’s the whole reason we started #dactalk.

The idea is that for an hour every other week, we just shoot the breeze about our businesses in hopes that we can grow individually and also help other entrepreneurs, small business owners and communicators grow as well. The fly on the wall approach is where I’ve learned the most… so I love listening to what Charissa shares.

In this episode Charissa and I address what can be done to bring automation to regular business operations. Automation can look very different for each person and each organization, but the value for automation overall is to create time.

I am a firm believer that the only thing that can’t and shouldn’t be automated is relationship. Not only is automating relationship a bad idea, if you automate the releationship, all other systems will collapse. Communication and relationship are the most important catalyst for building successful and smooth running systems.

Smooth Systems for Business Show Notes

Systems can never replace relationships. Let’s get that straight. However, systems can bring freedom from mundane and repudiative tasks that steal your time. There’s a reason the assembly line was so revolutionary: it replaced the need for constant communication with understood next steps.

For the entrepreneur and small business owner, smooth systems are not only the key to freedom in your day to day responsibilities but systems are also the key to freedom away from work. If you have setup an effective system, you don’t have to be concerned with, “is my business going to be there when I get back,” because your system sustains the business, not your presence.

Again, this isn’t a replacement for relationship or good leadership but it is a way to expedite items that don’t require relationship and can amplify good leadership.

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