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For the third episode of Dave & Charissa Talk, Charissa and I talk on the topic of our top five tools for online marketing.

The internet is full of all sorts of awesome goodies meant to help streamline your work flow allowing you to be more productive. Struggling to find the right text editor or graphic program… even which email client is right… is not uncommon. In this episode we reveal our top five tools that you may not yet know about… and a couple bonus tools that you may have heard of, but we reveal how we use them and why!

If you’ve had a desire to use the tools that “just work” or have had a hard time even knowing where to look for productivity tools to begin with, then holy smokes… this is the episode you’ll want to watch!

Charissa and I take turns sharing our favorite tools and have a great time discussing them. One of the hidden bonuses in an episode like this is hearing how others use the tools. It’s inspiring because often we don’t know the benefit a tool can offer until we see or hear someone else using the tool and how they’re benefitting.

I started listening to #dactalk for our beer distribution center. When Dave shared the Asana tool, we as a company decided to utilize it as our central tool for communication. Since then we have revolutionized how we delegate and communicate. Thanks for your insight Dave. You’ve helped us work wonders!

Take a listen or watch the episode and let me know if you have any questions about any of the tools mentioned or if you’re looking for a particular tool.

Thanks for tuning in!

Show Notes

Bonus Tools

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      • Lance Morgan
        Lance Morgan says:

        It would depend on how you use it. It has the full screen view like iA Writer but it does allow you to drag and drop images.

        I use a plugin so I don’t do a lot of dragging and dropping of images. Those are added once my post is uploaded as a “Draft”.

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