Business and Goals | Episode 001

Today I launched a live new show with my friend Charissa Moore on Google On Air Hangouts. Charissa and I both run small businesses, love social media, love people and enjoy sharing our learnings in hopes of helping inspire and equip others!

Setting Goals for Small Business

The first episode of Dave and Charissa was all around the idea of goals for business. If you’ve ever wondered if you’re “doing things right” you’ll love watching/listening to this episode as we pull back the veil on our individual business and reveal that there is “no right way” to set goals for your business or project. We approach the subject from an attitude of, “here’s what’s worked for us and here’s how we’ve failed.”

I’m very excited about this new way to equip you to lead in everything you do and I hope that our conversation on setting goals for small business will help inspire you to explore new ways of rocking out at whatever you’re working on!

Check out our website for information on new episode air dates and topics!

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